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Welcome to my site. I started collecting in the early 1990ís as a way to spoil myself and as a reminder of the days of youth. I have been lucky enough to find many of my favorite features and series over the years and have literally collected thousands of cels and have them caterogized, catalogued and displayed thoughout my office.

Last year I had the opportunity to be involved with the authors of Transformers: The Ark Volume 1 and 2, Jim Sorenson and William Forster when they published thier two volumes in 2007-2008. It was alot of fun and I recieved honorable mention in volume 2 for my efforts. My 15 seconds of fame! Great guys, check out thier books, especially volume one for you G1 fans.

Hopefully, you enjoy your trip down memory lane as much as I did creating it. Always interested in others collections so if you collect from my Wishlist series, drop me a note at


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