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RB: Thundercats S2

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Episode x -Red Eye
Source: TV
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Added 5/28/2007
Updated 2/18/2009
The Lunatacs come from the 5 Moons of Plundarr and each has their own powers that they use to try and defeat the Thundercats and Mumm-Ra. On Third Earth the Lunatacs live in Sky-Tomb which is located on the Darkside of the planet.

Luna is the leader of the Lunatacs.
Amok gaurds Luna.

Chilla comes from the second moon of Plundarr. She has ice breath and can freeze her opponents and can unfreeze her opponents with the flick of a finger.

Tug Mug has the power to control gravity. Tug Mug comes from the first moon of Plundarr and has the power to make his opponents as heavy or as light as he wants.

Red Eye has infrared capabilities. He can also spot invisible people ans see through solid objects.

Alluro is a hypnotist who can mesmerize his opponents and play mind games.

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