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Sunbow: Transformers Model

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Source: TV
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Added 5/2/2009
Updated 5/5/2009
Here is an unpublished design for the Autobot G1 Transformer Jazz. You can see the differences from the final design when you compare it to the sketch below. Jazz has only surfaced in 2 cel, the largest image of which you can find under my "Transformers G1 TV Panoramic" section.

Any cel of Jazz is a rare find, this is the first painted model cel Ive seen.

Jazz was part of the group of Autobots and Decepticons that crash-landed on Earth and lay dormant for four million years until the year 1984. As the Autobots and Decepticon restarted the Great War, Jazz took a leadership role as second in command of the Autobots.

Jazz was a fan favorite for his youthful and earthen personality. Jazz transformed into a Porsche on Earth and transformed into a hovercraft with a style similar to a Porsche on Cybertron before his body was reformatted.

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