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RB: The Return of the King

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Tower door in Cirith Ungol
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Added 1/22/2011
Updated 5/13/2012
Sam rescued Frodo from the Orcs of Cirith Ungol, and restored to him Sting and the Ring. Here Sam looks up at the trap door at the top of the tower.

"The hinges creaked again, and Sam, now peering over the corner of the
passage-threshold, saw a flicker of light in an open doorway, and the dim shape
of an orc coming out. He seemed to be carrying a ladder. Suddenly the answer
dawned on Sam: the topmost chamber was reached by a trap-door in the roof of the
passage. Snaga thrust the ladder upwards, steadied it, and then clambered out of
sight. Sam heard a bolt drawn back. Then he heard the hideous voice speaking

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