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RS: The Centurions

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The Centurions
Source: TV
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Added 6/2/2012
Updated 3/28/2015
A animation cel Max Ray,Jack Rockwell, and Ace McCloud running. Max Ray the' Brilliant' Sea Operations Commander is calm and collected de facto leader of the team, donning a green power suit. His weapon systems are best suited for underwater missions.
Jake Rockwell the 'Rugged' Land Operations Specialist often donning a yellow power suit, he has a short fuse. His weapon systems have the most firepower and are best suited for land missions, except for a helicopter-themed system he uses in air combat, usually assisted by Ace.
Ace McCloud the 'Daring' Air Operations Expert while donning a blue power suit, he is a convict womanizer. His weapon systems are best suited for aerial missions, including one specially designed for battles in space.

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