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Added 1/18/2018
Updated 1/21/2018
Mutores are elemental beings who long ago sent the evil Inhumanoids into subterranean confinement, presently lending assistance to Earth Corps when the monsters resurface.

Granites are stalwart rock-warrior beings who live underground. They can disassemble their bouldered bodies to camouflage themselves as innocuous piles of stone, and by a similar token can reform themselves if they become dismembered by impact. Their leader is named Granok. Magnokor, whose body resembles hardened lava, is unique among the Mutores for his singular ability to split into two polarized halves: Crygen, an icy blue hulk who is calm and rational, and Pyre ("Pyrus" in the Inhumanoids comic series), whose scarlet coloration is matched by an antagonistic disposition. The polarized duo can affect a fierce control over magnetic fields, making them the only friendly force capable of containing Metlar.

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