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These are some of my favorites Cel Collections!!

iceman57 - Thesis student

The Last Unicorn -Rankin Bass - My Favorite The Last Unicorn Collections

Graymouser - The Last Unicorn Collections
SAZEN - The Last Unicorn Collections
Shadowlight - TLU,Voltron...
Red Conri - The Last Unicorn Collections
Tanja's Cel Gallery - The Last Unicorn Collections
Unicorn Gallery - The Last Unicorn Collections
Debbye's Cel Gallery - The Last Unicorn Collections

Others - Other favorites

Mike Gallery - Mononoke Hime
Vanessa - Other favorites

CEL SALES - Animation cels for sale.

CEL SALES - Animation cels for Sale


GOG - Manage
Dragons Lair - Cutum Backgrounds
General - Cel definitions
Cel links - Shops

Dungeons & Dragons - My Favorite Dungeons & Dragons Collections

Stuck in 80s - Kett

Flight of Dragons -Rankin Bass - My Favorite Flight of Dragons Collections

Izobel's Cel Gallerie - The Hobbit, Flight of Dragons
Maiko's Extravagant Affair - Flight of Dragons

The Hobbit - My Favorite Rankin Bass The Hobbit Collections

The Hoard - Aishath's cels
Incurable Collector - Hobbit, Transformers, Thundercats,Silverhawks
Sami's room - Hobbit

Record of Lodoss Wars - My favorite Record of Lodoss Wars cels

Lodoss Wars - Lodoss Wars

Thundercats -Rankin Bass - My Favorite Thundercats Collections

Austin's Cel - Thundercats
Grizzlor's He-Man & Thunderca - Thundercats, He-man, Silverhawks

Transformers - My Favorite Transformer Collections

Ben - Ben cels for sale
Decepticon Detention Center - Transformers
The Cosmic Rust Cel Archive - Transformers
Homage - - Transformers
Iacon City Transformer cel gal - Transformers
Cel Relm - Transformers,Thundercats
Washus Lab - Transformers
CenturionDroid's hangar - Transformers
Toy boy - Transformers
The Transformers Cel Arkive - Transformers

Voltron - My Favorite Voltron Collections

Voltron - Lloyd Balch
Mighty Robot - Voltron

Ulysses 31 - My Favorite Ulysses 31 Collections

Mokuji Cellulo´ds - Douga
saint seiya and some more - thierry
Black Cat - Ulysses 31
Showcase of the 80's - Ulysses 31,Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors


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