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The Hobbit was adapted into an animated television movie by Rankin/Bass Productions in 1977.
Many of Rankin/Bass' traditionally cel-animated works were animated by the Japanese studio Top Craft, which was formed in 1972 as an offshoot of the legendary studio Toei Animation. Many Top Craft staff, including the studio's founder Toru Hara (who was credited in some of Rankin/Bass' specials), would join Studio Ghibli and work for Hayao Miyazaki.

Principal artists included Hidetoshi Kaneko, Kazuko Ito, and Minoru Nishida. The same studio was also used for The Return of the King.

Thorin Oakenshield- Great Dwarf; leader of company and heir to the Kingdom under the mountain; killed by the guard of Bolg in the Battle of Five Armies. Thorin and the 13 Dwarfs:Dwalin,Balin,Fili,Kili,Nori,Dori,Ori,Nori,Gloin,Oin,Bofur,Bifur and Bombur.
The Dragon Smaug
Gandalf the Grey
Elrond of Rivendell
Elven king

American producers wanted to make an animated version of J.R.R. Tolkien's THE HOBBIT, they once againturned to Toru Hara's studio, where famous illustrator Arthur Rackham's works were inspired. Thanks to experience provided by supervisor Tsuguyuki Kubo this TV special bosted 40.000 cels, boasting nearly two-hours of animation. The beautiful backgrounds were made by Hidetoshi Kaneko and Kazuko under artistic supervision of the veteran Minoru Nishida. Direction and screenplay were respectively assigned to Katsuhisa Yamada and Romeo Muller.

The Hobbit caps


 Bilbo Baggins

 Gandalf the Grey


 Thorin -Trolls cave

 The Gandalf the Grey

 Gandalf the Grey

 Bilbo Baggins


 Bilbo Baggins & Gollum

 Bilbo Baggins & Gollum

 Kili & Bifur & Nori


 Eagles save the day


 Wood elf


 Bard and Thorin

 Gloin, Dori, Oin

 Bombur & Dwalin



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