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RB: Flight of Dragons

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The Flight of Dragons( ドラゴンズのフライト セル画) is a 1982 animated movie produced by Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin Jr. based on the book of the same name by Peter Dickinson and the novel The Dragon and the George by Gordon R. Dickson. Released direct to video in 1982, it was aired as an ABC 'Movie of the Week' in 1986. Opening theme sung by Don McLean.

In the story Peter Dickinson (John Ritter) is a poor, dreaming scientist/inventor who is transported into the failing world of magic. He meets three wizards, two dragons, and the beautiful Princess Melisande (Alexandra Stoddart), who is a Wizard's foster-daughter. The green wizard Carolinus (Harry Morgan), his brothers Lo Tae Shao (Don Messick), and the blue wizard Solarius explain that the world of magic is dying. To save it, they must join together to create the 'Last Realm of Magic' -- a protected place where magic will live on after humans stop believing. The red wizard Ommadon (James Earl Jones) has refused to aid his brothers, and vows to dominate humanity by infesting humans with greed, in an attempt to stop magic's death by force. The only way to stop him is to take his Red Crown, the source of his dark magic. Twentieth Century Peter, being descended from an ancient hero, is asked to begin a quest.

Some of the cels from this feature were japanese made (aprox 75%)the artists were asian animators and the animation cels were produced all over the place including New York (USA), UK, Japan, and the promo cells were made in California , USA.

I know of only~40 cels that are in curculation or owned by private collectors. Any remaining cels are thought to be in the vault at the national film institute (USA). The film was licensed originaly by Lorimar and a law suit insued because WB (owner or lorimar) would not pay any royalties or fees/wages to any of the people involved in the film. Hence, the distribution outside the USA was cancled after about 15 months

The animation presented many similarties with THE HOBBIT and previous THE LAST UNICORN, since many of the same animator worked on all the features. Tadakatsu Yoshida and Hidemi Kubo took care of layout, inspired by original book illustrator Wayne Anderson, while Katsuhisa Yamada and Fumihiko Takayama did storyboard and co-direction

 The green wizard Carolinus

 Peter and the green wizard Carolinus

 Gorbash and Peter

 Gorebash the Dragon

 Gorebash the Dragon


 Princess Melisande & Peter

 Danielle the Archer

 Princess Melisande

 Smrgol educating Gorbash

 Hellsway Inn keeper

 Sir Orrin Neville-Smythe & Danielle

 Gorebash in battle

 The red wizard Ommadon

 Sir Peter

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