Guardians of Good
Marvel: Dungeons & Dragons

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This was an American animated television series, that was a co-production of Marvel Productions and TSR, produced in the United States during the 1980s, but animated in Japan by Toei Animation. Based on TSR's Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game, the show was popular in the US, and ran for three seasons on CBS.
A mysterious theme-park ride throws six kids into the perilous realm of the Dungeon Master. Now Bobby, Sheila, Hank, Eric, Diana and Presto?and not forgetting their new friend Uni the Unicorn?are being pursued by the evil Venger, with their only thought survival? and finding a way back home.
Season 1: Episode 1-13 ***Season 2: Episode 14-21***Season 3: Episode 22-27

 Dungeons & Dragons Title cel

 Dungeons & Dragons Title cel

 Dungeons & Dragons lineup

 Dungeons & Dragons model -Bobby

 Dungeons & Dragons model - Venger

 Dungeons & Dragons model - Shelia

 Eric the Cavalier model

 Hank the Ranger Hanken

 Sheila the Thief

 S1 Ep 3 - Hall of Bones Title cel

 Eric the Cavalier Hanken

 S1 Ep 4 :Valley of the Unicorns -Bobby

 S1 Ep 7: Prison Without Walls -Bobby & Uni

 S2 Ep 15 :The Treasure of Tardos - Sheila

 S2 Ep 17: The Traitor - Eric

 S2 Ep 18 - Day of the Dungeon Master - Roc

 S2 Ep 20 :The Dragon's Graveyard - Venger

 S2 Ep 20:The Dragon's Graveyard - Bobby & Shelia

 S2 Ep 21:Child Of The Stargazer - King Travar

 S2 Ep 21: Child of the Stargazer- Hank, Presto, Bobby, Eric & Uni

 S2 Ep 21: Child of the Stargazer- Hank, Presto & Sheila

 S3 Ep 23: The Time Lost - Dungeon Master

 S3 Ep 25: Citadel of Shadow - Title card

 S3 Ep 25: Citadel of Shadow - Bobby
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