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Toei: Voltron - Dairugger

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Voltron - Dairugger
There are three assault team units: Land, Air and Sea. These units combine to form Voltron - Dairugger. There are a total of 15 parts referred to as "Rugger," which can combine together to form the super-robot Dairugger. The design of the 15 separate Rugger units came from the sport of rugby, since 15 players are required to form a rugby union.

The U.S. version would rename the "Galbeston Empire" to "Drule Empire," along with editing a fair amount of violence and sexual content to keep the show safe for general audience broadcast.

At the time of Dairugger XV's screenwriting and original design, there was no intended plan to merge it with what eventually became Voltron. In fact, World Events Productions' original plan was to buy the rights to two other Japanese series ? Lightspeed ElectroGod Albegas as "Voltron II," and the much older 1979 Future Robo Daltanius as "Voltron III." The plan never materialized, and Dairugger was the only show left to be adapted into the Voltron universe.

Dairugger Characters
Air Team uniforms:dark blue & white.
Sea Team uniforms:navy blue and aqua.
Land Team uniforms :white and red.

Rugger #1 Pilot Jeff Dukane Air Team Command Jet Explorer head
Rugger #2 Pilot Rocky Air Team Strato Weapons Module upper torso
Rugger #3 Pilot Wolo Air Team Advanced Recon Helicopter right upper arm
Rugger #4 Pilot Chip Stoker Air Team Advanced Recon Helicopter left upper arm
Rugger #5 Pilot Ginger Air Team Falcon VT Fighter chest plate
Rugger #6 Pilot Cric Sea Team Communications Module hips
Rugger #7 Pilot Lisa Sea Team Space Prober right thigh
Rugger #8 Pilot Tagor Sea Team Space Prober left thigh
Rugger #9 Pilot Shannon Sea Team Multi-Wheeled Explorer right lower leg
Rugger #10 Pilot Zandee Sea Team Multi-Wheeled Explorer left lower leg
Rugger #11 Pilot Cliff Land Team Jet Radar Station torso mid-rif
Rugger #12 Pilot Cinda Land Team Rotating Personnel Carrier right forearm
Rugger #13 Pilot Modoch Land Team Armored Equipment Carrier left forearm
Rugger #14 Pilot Marvin Land Team All-Terrain Space Vehicle right foot
Rugger #15 Pilot Hutch Land Team All-Terrain Space Vehicle left foot.

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 Episode 2 :First Day On A New World- Ro-beast

 Episode 3 In Search Of New Worlds: Chip

 Episode 5 :Try This World For Size: Pilot Cric

 Episode 5: Try This World For Size-Jeff

 Episode 7: Help Not Wanted: Jeff DuKane

 Episode 11: A Temporary Truce- Lisa, Shannon and Ginger

 Episode 12 -Wolo's Lost World- Voltron Dairugger

 Episode 12 : Wolo's Lost World: Ro-Beast

 12 : Wolo's Lost World- Command Jet Explorer

 Episode 12 : Wolo's Lost World: Wolo

 Episode 14: A Curious Comet- Rocky, Chip

 Episode 14 : A Curious Comet- Voltron

 Episode 18 What's On First -Jeff

 Episode 26 "The Planet Trap": Rocky, Jeff, Wolo, Ginger, Chip

 Episode 31 Smashing The Meteor Barrier - Voltron

 Episode 42 -Whose World Is It- Voltron Dairugger

 Episode 42 : Whose World Is It - Lisa

 Episode 43 : It's Anybody's World: Voltron

 Episode 44 "Frozen Assets": Rocky

 Episode 49 : Zero Hour Approaches: Commander Holcus

 Episode 50 : The Drules' World Cracks Up-

 Episode 50 : The Drules' World Cracks Up- Viceroy Throk

 Episode 50 : The Drules World Cracks Up -Dorma
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