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Sunbow: Jem & the Holograms

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Aired: 1985 - 1988
The show centers on Jem who is an upcoming rock star with her band The Holograms. Jem is also the alias of Jerrica Benton, the daughter of a music executive who after his death, should rightfully be in charge of the company Starlight music. Jem/Jerrica's rival is the sneaky and evil Eric Raymond who is trying to control stalight music and get Jerrica out of the picture. Eric creates a band called the Misfits who are supposedly rebellious rockers. With the help of a secret computer/hologram machine named synergy created by Jerrica's father, Jerrica and her sister Kimber and their friends create Jem and the holograms to compete in popularity at the same music label. Also in play is a never-resolved love story of Jerrica and her boyfriend Rio who just happens to be with Jem at the same time, but has no idea its the same girl. Jerrica has the ability to transform to Jem and back again through her magic earrings. One of the best 80's cartoons. Jem and the Holograms had 65 Episodes

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 Jem Holograms Rockin' Roadster Storyboard

 Episode 13: The Rock Fashion Book: Jem

 Episode 13: The Rock Fashion Book: Jem & Rio

 Episode 13: The Rock Fashion Book:Jem & Rio (kiss)

 Episode 13: The Rock Fashion Book: Misfits'

 Episode 13: The Rock Fashion Book: Jem

 Epissode 14: The Music Awards: Video, Jem & Rio

 Epissode 14: The Music Awards pt1 -Danse Jem and Aja

 Episode 22 Intrigue at the Indy 500 : Jem

 Episode 22 Intrigue at the Indy 500: Jem

 The Jem Jam Part 2: Krissy -The Starlight Girls

 Episode 54 The Stingers Hit Town: Riot

 Episode 54:The Stingers Hit Town pt 2: Jetta

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