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The Pirates of Dark Water is a fantasy animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera and Turner Entertainment in the early 1990s. The series followed a group of adventurers on a quest to collect the Thirteen Treasures of Rule, which possessed the combined power to stop an evil substance known as "Dark Water" from consuming the alien world of Mer.

Ren: The prince of Octopon
Niddler: A monkey-bird who once belonged to Bloth.
Tula: She is an ecomancer with the ability to control the elements.
Ioz: A rogue and pirate, he joins up with Ren initially for the promise of treasure.
Zoolie: A jolly, redheaded rogue who runs a gamehouse in Janda-Town.
Teron: He is a supreme ecomancer who sprouts roots from his body in order to replenish himself.

Bloth : The ox-sized, humanoid captain of the feared pirate ship Maelstrom, he is after the 13 Treasures of Rule.
Mantus (voiced by Peter Cullen): Bloth's second-in-command.
Konk: A short, fat pirate who works for Bloth, he lost his leg thanks to a close encounter with his master's ferocious pet, the Constrictus.
The Lugg Brothers (voiced by Earl Boen and Frank Welker): Two huge, dimwitted siblings who are members of Bloth's crew.
The Dark Dweller (voiced by Frank Welker): The powerful, evil creature that created the Dark Water. He had the Treasures originally scattered because their power is the only thing capable of opposing him and his mission to swallow Mer in Dark Water.
Morpho (voiced by Frank Welker): A servant of the Dark Dweller and the leader of his worshippers, the Dark Disciples.
Joat: A pirate and the previous owner of the Wraith. His ship was stolen by Ioz. He uses his metal claw, in place of his left hand, mercilessly in battle.

The Wraith: Ioz commandeers for Ren from the Janda-Town docks.
The Maelstrom: Bloth?s massive and deadly warship.

The Quest
Break Up
A Drop of Darkness
The Beast and the Bell
King Niddler
The Collection
The Little Leviathan
The Darkdweller
The Dark Disciples
The Ghost Pirates
The Dagron Master
The Game Players of Undaar
The Pandawa Plague
Sister of the Sword
The Soul Stealer
The Living Treasure

A great site featuring this series.

 The Pirates of Dark Water Title


 Cast: Niddler,Ren,Ioz,Tula

 Cast: Niddler,Ren,Ioz,Tula

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