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Filmation: He-Man Model

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Masters of the Universe was animated using model cels as guides. Once approved, the model cels were used by individual animators as a reference, in order to maintain consistency of style and appearance. The character usually were drawn in a static pose. These are nice representations of your favorite characters.

 Kobra Kahn

 Young Adam



 Sun Dancer

 King Randor

 Orko- 3 views

 Man-at-arms, Orko, Stratos, Ram-man

 Horde Trooper, Grizzlor, Leech, Mantenna

 Catra, as a princess and in Cat form


 Land Shark & Strider

 King, Queen, Adam, He-man & Teela

 Battlecat & Panthor




 King Randor


 Modulok Roboto Clawful

 Mossman, Two bad, Skylone & Spikor

 Shera, Adora, Frosta & Castaspella

 Sorceress, Hover Robot, Trap-jaw & Evil-lyn

 Kobra Kahn
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