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Sunbow: G.I. Joe Models

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The first season of G. I. Joe consisted of 55 new episodes, plus reruns of the two earlier 5-part miniseries, for a total of 65 episodes.

In the second season there were 30 additional shows, followed by a direct-to-video Movie (aired on TV in five parts). All together, there were 100 Sunbow cartoon episodes (5 + 5 + 55 + 30 + 5), along with five different opening sequences. The first two miniseries were counted as part of the first season, and the Movie was added into the second season.

 Cobra Commander!!



 Trip Wire


 Short Fuse

 Snake eyes




 Sgt. Slaughter


 Hiss Tank

 Hiss Tank


 Baroness Command Craft

 Cobra Bat

 GIJ Base


 Guard III

 Guard IV

 Guard V

 Guard VI

 Guard 1
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