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Purchased but lost in transit. I'm always looking for cels from these series.

Please contact me through the feedback link if you have cels similar to these. I'd enjoy seeing what you've collected and maybe we can help each other. I will contact you directly. Thanks!!



  D&D promotional art

 Transformer cel - Prime

 Lodoss Wars

 TFTM -press kit

 Grimlock TFTM


 Nude of Ariel

 Nude of Ariel

 Prince Namor the Submariner

 San, Wolf and Lord Kota


 67 photocopied model sheets Fire and Ice

 Fire and Ice w/OBG

 Heavy Traffic

 Heavy Traffic

 Heavy Traffic

 Heavy Traffic

 Heavy Traffic


 Inhumanoids- D'compose

 Maleficent in Dragon Form Sleeping Beauty

 Scooby doo: Red Beard
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