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Bionic Six was an animated television series from the 1980s produced by TMS Entertainment and distributed by Studios USA and MCA Television (later renamed NBC/Universal Television).

The Bionic Six (l-r): Karate-1, IQ, Sport-1, Rock-1, Bionic-1, Mother-1.The main character, 'Bionic-1', was a machine-enhanced human being using bionic technology, much like The Six Million Dollar Man. On one of his missions, Bionic-1 brought his family along so they could enjoy some skiing after the mission ended. There was an avalanche caused by a landing UFO and the Bennetts were all buried alive under radioactive snow. All, but Jack (whose bionics made him immune to the radioactivity), were thrown into paralytic comas. Unsure how to save them, Bionic-1 brings the family to Professor Sharp's lab. Sharp deduces that giving everyone the bionic treatment would cure them of the radioactivity too. Each family member was given a specific bionic power, and they formed a team named Bionic Six.

Characters include:
Bionic 6 -Karate-1, IQ, Sport-1, Rock-1, Bionic-1, Mother-1

Team Scarab - the traitorous Glove, the dumbish Mechanic, the ruthless Chopper, the seductive Madame-O and the grotesque Klunk.




 Mechanic, Madame-O

 Karate-1, IQ, Sport-1, Rock-1,





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