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Sunbow: Transformers S3

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Season 3 Episode 66-95 Broadcasted 1986

The future setting of the movie continued on into the third season of the series, which debuted in September 1986 and ran to November of that year, picking up right where the movie's events had left off. With the addition of Flint Dille as story editor, the series took on a strong sci-fi orientation, with grimmer storylines and stronger inter-episode continuity that revisited concepts more regularly than past seasons. The visual look of the series took a hit, however, when fifty percent of the seasons episode were produced by Korean animation studio AKOM. The grim direction, different animation and new cast of characters ultimately failed to sit well with the viewing audience, who desired to see Optimus Prime return to life after his big-screen demise. The production team ultimately gave in to these demands, and Prime was brought back in a two-part denouement that aired in February 1987. A slightly different (but still the same) version of the theme song was the new intro for the season, first heard in the Transformers commercials

  Episode 70: The Five Faces of Darkness, part 5 -Quintesson

 Episode 71 -The Killing Jar- Quintesson ship

 Episode 71 -The Killing Jar- Quintesson and Allicon

 Episode 71 -The Killing Jar- Quintesson and Allicon

 Episode 71 -The Killing Jar- Quintesson and Allicon

 Episode 72 - Chaos: Kup

 Episode 72 - Chaos: Sky Lynx

 Episode 72 - Chaos: Grimlock & Wreck-Gar

 Episode 72 - Chaos; Grimlock & Wreck-Gar & Wheelie & Blur & Kup

 Episode 78: Madman's Paradise

 Episode 79 - Madmans Paradise - Grimlock

 Episode 80: Fight or Flee- Rodimus Prime

 Episode 82- Web World- Galvatron

 Episode 82- Web World- Galvatron

 Episode 82- Web World- Galvatron & Torkulons

 Episode 82- Web World- Torkulons

 Episode 83: The Dweller in the Depths : Springer

 Episode 84: Nightmare Planet- Razor claw and Springer

 Episode 90: Money is everything- Abominus

 Episode 90: Money is everything- Hun-Gurrr.

 Episode 91: Call of the Primitives

 Episode 91: Call of the Primitives -Tiger

 Episode 91: Call of the Primitives- Cyclonus

 Episode 91: Call of the Primitives
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