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RB: Thundercats S2

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Syndicated, 1985-87, Pacific Animation, et al.
Season #1, part 1 1-33
Season #1, part 2 34-65
Season #2 66-90
Season #3 91-110
Season #4 111-130
Season 2 1987-88)
Escaping their planet prior to its destruction, the Thundercats were attacked in space by thier enemies the mutants and crash-landed on the planet Third Earth. The mutants persued and landed on Third Earth. They allied themselves with the evil Mumm-Ra. The Thudercats led by Lord Lion-o, who wheeled the mystic Sword of Omens, fought to preserve thier race against the evil Mumm-Ra and the mutants. There were 130 episodes.
Snarf, Snarfer, Slythe , Jaga, Mumm-Ra, Vultureman, Tug-Mug, Amok ,Lion-O, Jackalman, Cheetara, Wilykit, Mandora, Luna,Warrior Maidens, Panthro, Red-Eye, Tygra, Wilykat, Ben-Gali, Monkian

Production Staff
Anthony Giovanniello + *
Matthew Malach + *
Connie Long + *
Heather Winters +
Karen Seigal *
Dennis J. Woodyard *
Charles Hasegawa *
Eleanor Musiol *

+ - First season creative staff member for the series.
* - Second season creative staff member for the series.

 Episode 69: Thundercats, Ho! P4 - Pumyra

 Episode 69: Thundercats, Ho! PI -Hammer Hand

 Episode 69: Thundercats, Ho! PI - Lynx-o

 Episode 69: Thundercats, Ho! PI -Pumyra gatlin gun

 Episode 69: Thundercats, Ho! P4- Bengali

 Episode 69: Thundercats, Ho! The Movie P4 - Pumyra & Lynx-O

 Episode 77 - Psych Out: Pumyra

 Episode 78 - The Mask of Gorgon - Chilla

 Episode x -Alluro the hypnotist

 Episode 80 Together We Stand -Bengali

 Episode 85 Side Swipe - Mandora

 Episode 86 -Mumm-rana's Belt -Queen Luna

 Episode 86 -Mumm-rana's Belt -Mumm-Rana

 Episode x -Red Eye

 Panthro & Ben-gali

 Episode x -Ben Gali and WillyKit

 Episode-Thundercubs Part I- Ratilla The Terrible


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