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Pole Position ran for 13 episodes on CBS television between 1984 and 1985.

The show featured three young sibling crime fighters, two of which were stunt drivers and were part of a secret government operation under the guise of the "Pole Position Stunt Show" that was run by their uncle. The youths inherited the role after their parents died in an unfortunate car accident. The team is equipped with two high-tech talking vehicles named "Roadie" and "Wheels".

The vehicles featured numerous hidden gadgets like water skis and hover jets. The vehicles' computers themselves are portable and can be removed from the dashboards and carried around using handles, (thus they are often referred to as "the modules"). They are characters that appeared as computer-drawn faces displayed on video screens.

Tess Darret - Tess is the older sister and "ad hoc" leader of the group who drives Wheels. Tess is voiced by Lisa Lindgren.

Dan Darret - Tess' hot-headed brother who drives Roadie. Dan is voiced by David Coburn.

Daisy Darret - The younger pre-teen sister of Dan and Tess. Daisy is voiced by Kaleena Kiff.

Dr. Zachary Darret - A wheel-chair confined engineer and Uncle of the Darret kids. He runs the Pole Position operation and is responsible for the development of the vehicles. He is voiced by Jack Angel.

Kuma - Daisy's pet, Kuma is a genetic creation and is a strange cross between a raccoon and a monkey (though the name "Kuma" is derived from the Japanese word for "bear"). Kuma is voiced by Marilyn Schreffler.

Wheels - a red and black 1964 Ford Mustang driven by Tess. Wheels' AI computer is more careful than his counterpart Roadie and frequently says he's "getting too old for this" when part of a mission becomes most pivotal. Wheels is voiced by Melvin Franklin (who was a member of the singing group The Temptations).[4]

Roadie - a more "futuristic" looking (for the time) light blue coupe driven by Dan. Roadie's AI computer is very reckless on the road and typically gets himself and Dan into trouble. Roadie is voiced by Darryl Hickman.

 Dr. Zachary Darret

 Daisy and Tess Darret

 Dan Darret

 Daisy Darret and Kuma

 Daisy Darret

 Tess & Daisy Darret with Kuma

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