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RB: Thundercats Exodus

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ThunderCats is an American animated television series that was developed and produced by Rankin/Bass Productions, debuting in 1985, based on the characters created by Tobin "Ted" Wolf. The animation was provided by Pacific Animation Corporation, the working name for a collective of Japanese studios prominently including Topcraft, a group who would later go on to form Studio Ghibli. This section of my gallery is deticated to the very first episode Exodus.

From beyond any known galaxy, bringing with them the laws and ideals of their doomed planet, Thundera, come the THUNDERCATS. JAGA, the wise; TYGRA, the invisible; CHEETARA, the quick; WILYKAT & WILYKIT, the junior cunning duo; PANTHRO, the deadly and SNARF. The THUNDERCATS all sworn to serve their young Lord, LION-O, and to instruct him in the secrets of the "Eye of Thundera," the "eye" embedded in the hilt of the Sword of Omens, is the source of the THUNDERCATS' power.

Pursuing the THUNDERCATS to Third Earth and determined to possess the "Eye" for their own evil purposes are the hideous MUTANTS from the planet Plun-Darr, led by the reptilian SSSLITHE. They form an unholy alliance with the ageless devil-priest MUMM-RA.

Development work on ThunderCats began in 1983, with the script for this episode being produced in 1984, but the series didn't make it to air until 23rd January 1985

 Cheetaha and Tygra

 Jaga & Panthro

 Panthro and the kits


 Cheetara and Lion-o


 Cheetara, Lion-o and Jaga







 Jackalman and Slithe the Reptilian

 Slithe the Reptilian


 Lion- O and Snarf


 Cheetara and Lion-o


 Cheetara and Tygra

 Tygra-The Architect


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