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DiC: The Legend of Zelda

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The Legend of Zelda was an American animated series loosely based on the first and second The Legend of Zelda games for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Zelda cartoons were first shown every Friday as part of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! in 1989. The Super Show introduction and live action sequences were kept intact, as they were the base format for the series, but Zelda was shown in place of the animated Super Mario Bros. series which ran during the rest of the week. Each episode ran for around fifteen minutes. The series was produced by DiC Entertainment and distributed for syndicated television by Viacom Enterprises (now CBS Television Distribution, though DiC through Nintendo now owns full rights), and were made in association with Nintendo of America. Due to the syndicated nature of the The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, only one season of sixty-five episodes was made, and Zelda was aborted after thirteen episodes.


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