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Bluth: The Secret of NIMH

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There are more than 600 colors at work in "The Secret of NIMH," nearly 500 of which were developed by Don Bluth Studio. There will also be more than 1000 backgrounds.

In all movies, there are 24 frames of film projected onto the screen per second. In classical animation, there are 24 drawings of each animated character or special effect per second when the camera is moving, as in a dolly shot or a pan. In shots where the camera is stationary, there are 12 drawings per second, or one for every two frames of film. Many times the characters or effects are each done on separate plastic cels. In some shots in "The Secret of NIMH," there are 96 drawings in a single second of film. By the time the film is finished, including all the preliminary sketches, key poses and cleaned up art, there will be a million-and-a-half drawings done.

 Lee of the Stone

 Prologue: Nicodemus on Jonathan Brisby

 Dragon the farmer’s cat - Dragon

 Brutus the entrance guard

 Auntie Shrew and Teresa Brisby

 Auntie Shrew and Teresa Brisby

 Auntie Shrew and Teresa Brisby


 Mr. Ages & Mrs. Brisby

 Jeremy and Mrs. Brisby


 Mrs. Brisby


 Ms. Brisby, Mr. Ages & Justin

 Mrs. Brisby , Mr. Ages & Jenner

 Mrs. Brisby and Mr. Ages

 Mrs. Brisby and Jenner

 Sullivan and Jenner



 Great Owl and moth

 Great Owl


 Mr Ages
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