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Sunrise: Cowboy Bebop

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The crew of the spaceship Bebop are a partnership of bounty hunters, called "cowboys", who travel the solar system trying to apprehend bounties. Jet Black is the owner of the Bebop, but has partnered with Spike for his diverse combat skills. Though he is reluctant to admit it, Jet has also come to rely on Spike for companionship in the normally solitary field of bounty hunting.

The story revolves around attempts to bring in a specific bounty. Some of the Bebop's varied targets include small time thugs, gangsters, hackers (known as "net divers" in slang), religious leaders, psychopaths, genetic experiments, mutant creatures and petty thieves. Occasionally the Bebop crews' pasts catch up with them, and the show regularly views the history of the main characters and more general past events, in flashbacks.

In 2022, the explosion of an experimental warp gateway caused major damage to the Moon, strafed the Earth with radiation, and left an asteroid ring that threatens the surface with daily meteor bombardments. As a result, many survivors abandoned the barely-habitable Earth to colonize the inner planets and moons of Jupiter. The series opens in 2071, decades after the accident, when the entire solar system has been made accessible via reliable warp gates. The crew of the Bebop spends much of its time on Mars, the new central hub of human civilization.

 Faye Valentine

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