Guardians of Good
Those Who Hunt Elves

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Elf Hunters seek five spell fragments that have been placed on the skin of elves, similar to tattoos, throughout the magical world they have been transported to. When they find them, they will be able to return to Japan.

The Elf Hunters travel by means of a Type 74 tank, which has been transported to the magical world with them.

Elf Hunters
Junpei Ryuzouji-Junpei is the muscle of the group as well as being the only male in the group, Ritsuko Inoue-She's a tomboy but not to the point where she loses her femininity. Drives the tank and also acts as a sniper ,Airi Komiyama- Airi is as skilled as she is beautiful, Junpei's has feelings for her, Mistress Celcia Marie Claire -Celcia offers to transport Junpei and the others back with a spell, but gets distracted in the process and causes her spell book pages to be spread out all over the world, Mike-The Type 74 tank is possessed during the show by the spirit of a cat known as Mike, Pichi- small, white, teddy bear-like interdimensional creature with the ability to produce toilet paper, to whom Ritsuko takes a liking, Annette- A priestly elf and acolyte of Celcia, Einal & Beenal- are the two Elven Bishops






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