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RB: TigerSharks

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TigerSharks was an animated television series developed by Rankin/Bass and distributed by Lorimar-Telepictures in 1987. The series involved a team of heroes that could transform into sharks and other marine animals similar to another favorite series of mine ThunderCats and SilverHawks also developed by Rankin/Bass.

The series lasted only one season, 13 episodes, as a follow-up to the more successful Thundercats & Silverhawks series. This third series also featured many of the same voice actors who had worked on Thundercats & Silverhawks including Larry Kenney, Peter Newman, Earl Hammond, Doug Preis and Bob McFadden. The animation was provided by Pacific Animation Corporation, the working name for a collective of Japanese studios including Topcraft, a group who would later go on to form Studio Ghibli. Warner Bros. Animation currently owns the series, as they own the 1974-89 Rankin/Bass library (which was incorporated into the merger of Lorimar-Telepictures and Warner Bros.)

The members of the TigerShark team were humans who had to use a device called the Fish Tank in order to transform into their powered-up marine forms and enter it once again to revert back into their human forms. The TigerSharks' base was a spaceship that could also go underwater. The ship was called the SARK and contained the Fish Tank along with other research facilities.

The series takes place in the fictional world of Water-O which was covered almost completely by water. The planet was inhabited by a race of fish men called the Waterians. The TigerSharks arrived there on a research mission and ended up serving as the protectors of the planet against the evil T-Ray, who had arrived there first.

 Ep1- OP-Journey to Water-O - Maco

 Ep1- Journey to Water-O - Octava





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