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RB: Last Unicorn Hanken

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In this section I have posted some wonderful oversized hanken art for The Last Unicorn. Both handpainted art used for the design of the characters...and also in pieces from the limited edition collection from the In 2007 Conlan Press release of Hidemi Kubo’s 1979 concept paintings from the animated Last Unicorn. There were five pictures in the complete set: The Last Unicorn, The Red Bull, The Lady Amalthea, Mommy Fortuna, and The Full Cast. Hanken artwork is often prized even above production artwork, due to the intense level of detail often found in hanken pieces. Hankens are pieces of art drawn and painted for a specific purpose--merchandise. These become posters, pencil boards, DVD covers, CD jackets, trading cards, etc. I am thrilled to own a number of hanken pieces, including some wonderful Rankin Bass artwork from such classic features.

 Red Bull

 Line-up-Limited Edition

 Red Bull-Limited Edition

 Unicorn -Limited Edition



 Last Unicorn

 Lady Amalthea

 Mommy Fortuna-Limited Edition

 Butterfly- Original Kubo painting

 Lady Amalthea-Limited Edition

 Hunter -Original Kubo painting

 Lady Amalthea/ Unicorn -Original Kubo painting

 Lady Amalthea - Original Kubo painting

 Lady Amalthea/Unicorn Original Kubo painting

 Molly Grue-Original Kubo painting

 King Hagar-Original Kubo painting

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