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Bluth: Space Ace

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Space Ace is a laserdisc video game produced by Bluth Studios in collaboration with Cinematronics, and Advanced Microcomputer Systems. It was released in 1984, and like its predecessor, Dragon’s Lair, featured film-quality animation played from a laserdisc with similar game play, but offering the player more options. The game follows the adventures of the hero Ace, who is attacked by Commander Borf with the Infanto Ray, and kidnaps his girlfriend Kimberly. The weapon transforms him into Dexter, an adolescent version of himself. The player must guide Dexter through obstacles to rescue Kimberly and keep Borf from using the Infanto Ray to conquer Earth.

 Kimmy from the trailer


 Space Ace

 Ace laughing in ship

 Ace and Slim monster death scene

 Ace and Slim monster death scene

 Dexter and SHAG in death scene

 Ace battles his dark side -Hexter

 Space Ace on skates

 Dexter and Kimberly

 Ace and Commander Borf

 Ace and Commander Borf


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