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Tenshi no Tamago Angel's Egg

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Angel's Egg follows the life of an unnamed little girl living alone in an abandoned city. She cares for a large egg which she often hides under her dress, protecting it while scavenging the decrepit Neo-Gothic cityscape for water and food. In a prologue, an unnamed soldier watches as an orb-shaped vessel, decorated with thousands of goddess-like sculptures, descends from the sky. Awakened by the orb's alarm, the girl begins her day of scavenging, but soon crosses paths with the soldier on a wide street traveled only by roving tanks. Frightened by the soldier, who carries a threatening cross-shaped device over his shoulder, the girl runs off down an alley. The girls see the soldier and decides to approach him. He turns and surprisingly produces her egg from underneath his cape; she had unthinkingly abandoned it on the plaza where she was eating. He instructs the girl to "Keep precious things inside you or you will lose them," and returns the egg. When asked what she believes is inside the egg, the girl asserts that she can't tell him. The soldier then suggests breaking the egg to find out, which incenses the girl and drives her storming away, later, the pair warm themselves within the girl's settlement, which is revealed to be a large ship propped up by pylons. As the girl drifts off to sleep, she speaks to the creature inside her egg of their future together. While the girl is turned away from the egg in her sleep, the soldier takes it and raises his cross-shaped weapon high to smash it. Awaking the next day, the girl discovers the broken shell of her egg and shrieks out, utterly heartbroken. Intent on confronting the soldier, she runs from the ship and pursues him through the woods, but suddenly plunges into a deep ravine and drowns. Beneath the water, the girl transforms into an adult woman before releasing a final breath, which rises to the surface as a multitude of bobbing eggs. As the rain suddenly abates, trees holding eggs like those described by the soldier are shown to be scattered throughout the landscape. The soldier stands on a vast shore, littered with white feathers, as the orb-like vessel rises from the ocean. Among the thousands of statues adorning the orb is a new feature: a figure of the girl, sitting serenely on a throne and caressing the egg in her lap. The screen slowly pans out to reveal that the land of the beach, the forest, and the city is part of a small and lonely island within a vast sea, appearing not unlike the hull of an overturned ship.



 Girl with egg

 Girl w/broken egg


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