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Westar: Starchaser The Legend of Orin

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Starchaser The Legend of Orin is a 1985 animated film directed and produced by Steven Hahn, and written by Jeffrey Scott. The story takes place on a planet named Trinia, where human slaves have lived underground for millennia mining the ruby crystals which power the world above. This underground world is ruled by the overlord Zygon and his robot minions. One day Orin, a young miner, finds a jeweled sword hilt embedded in the rocks. Hopps, the grandfather of Orin's girlfriend Elan, recognizes the sword and gives his life to save Orin and keep the sword a secret. When Orin picks up the sword and a blade appears from the hilt. Orin goes on to lead the people to freedom. Characters: Orin, Dagg, Lord Zygon, Aviana, Silica, Arthur, Man-Droid, Kallie, Aunt Bella ,Fortune Teller, Z'Gork, Raymo, Magreb, Major Tagani, Star Fly, Pops/Elan's grandfather. The writter of the film found 19 original hand-painted pre-production character design cels from the film and I was fortunate enough to purchase most of them. Jeffrey Scott has written over 700 animated and live-action TV and film scripts for Sony, Warner Bros., Disney, Universal, Paramount, Columbia, PBS, Sesame Workshop, Marvel, Hanna-Barbera and others. His writing has been honored with three Emmys and the Humanitas Prize. He is author of the acclaimed book, How to Write for Animation. To learn more about his craft and credits visit his website at







 Lord Zygon




 Aviana's Horse



 Magreb Hooker

 Fortune Teller

 Space Drifter

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